With their disciplined and regular works, our construction teams that work under the control of our civil engineers and architects who are experienced at especially in the field of residential buildings carry out the transactions that we promised within the period stated by the work program by using the latest construction tecniques compatible with the standards and projects. All kinds of construction products, equipments and work force that accord with the volume and technical properties of the work to be done are transported to the construction  site in order to carry out the work without a retardation. Our construction site is built under conditions that are suitable for occupational health and safety thus making certain of the health and working conditions of the workers. During the course of our works, by taking the necessary precautions, the environmental conditions are checked and maximum attention paid so as not to distort and effect the surrounding landscaping because of the work that is being carried out. The architectural and statical projects that belong to construction works whose contractorship we took on are conducted by our party free of charge, which will contribute greatly to the costs of construction investments.

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Teknik Taahhüt Projelendirme ve Gayrimenkul Yatırımları A.Ş. has provided and is providing services about site management and technical services in hotel and housing projects that it performed within the country and abroad.
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